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YG Says He Once Thought DJ Mustard Had Him Shot During 2015 Beef

Posted on June 24 2016

It has been a year since Compton rap artist YG was shot outside of a recording studio in Studio City, California, and thus a full year through which he's had to endure the question as to who could be responsible. In a new episode of Viceland's "Noisey," the "Pu$haz Ink" rapper sits down to process some of the trust issues he has been having in hindsight of the night he sustained a bullet that pierced three different areas of his hip. Among other notions, he shares with a licensed therapist that he initially thought long time partner and friend DJ Mustard to have been involved. "At this time, me and Mustard, we ain't getting along at all," he said, explaining the label-mates' past feud. "We ain't talk for like ... That was the start of our s***. At that time, I'm like 'Who popped me? Was it these n****s because we ain't been talking? Did these n****s- try to have a n**** set up?'" It was just before 2 a.m. on June 12, 2015 when during the recording of what would come to be his acclaimed sophomore Still Brazy album, YG heard somebody pull up outside of the studio. Having observed a suspicious black truck, the 26-year-old rapper checked in with the driver, who said he lived in the area for some news. He explains knowing something was wrong when he figured in the fact that the complex had not been around that long; an intuition that proved correct when commotion down at the studio's entrance drew him to walk into a series of shots that tells about on "Who Shot Me?" "I'm like, "Damn, did the homies set me up?"/ cause we ain't really been talking much/ I know that sounds sick, my thoughts dark as f***/ like the barrel of the pistol I saw when he sparked it up," he raps on the track.

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